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Forced Logout within iFramed Implementation



I have a workflow where I want to force a logout at a certain step in the process, and then have the user log back in.  

I'm using the window.location.href=... logout folder approach, which is working ok, but the user experience is bad because they land on the root caspio folder.  There is a fix for that problem described in the online help (https://howto.caspio.com/troubleshooting/issue-with-redirection-after-logout/), but it assumes that the user is clicking a physical link - i.e., I can't add that parameter to the "window.location" solution.

I've tried creating a custom logout page (an HTML page with the logout page invisibly iframed into it, but it did not log out the user.

Would welcome suggestions!

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Hi @DaveS

Using JavaScript you can imitate clicking on logout link using click() function

It will look something like this:


For this to work, logout link should be added on the datapage. it can be hidden, for example

<a href="https://YOURACCOUNTID.caspio.com/folderlogout" style="display: none;">logout</a>

You can trigger JavaScript code based on your specific condition.

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Thanks for the reply, @Volomeister!  Your part is working... Caspio's part still isn't.  I was experiencing this issue:  https://howto.caspio.com/troubleshooting/issue-with-redirection-after-logout/ and needed to have an href to implement their proposed solution...  but even with the href I still land on the root page of my caspio domain.  I've opened a ticket with support - and I really appreciate your response.!  

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