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Can you give me hints on "The number of affected records by this action exceed the number of records Tasks can process at once"



I've been faced more than once with this error msg and everitime there was a good reason.  But now it is inexplicable, I've done it manually but it woudl be nice understand this behaviour.image.thumb.png.3718ab1ca4006eede7a033bc10c0d6a3.png

I have this table (dati_ricevuti_dett) with 133 records and I need a one time operation to change the stato field value from "Ufficiale" to "4 Ufficiale".

The table has no active trigger

I made a simple ondemand task:


Whe I run it I got the error:


I searched for any clue about the excess found, but it is quite mysterious to me.

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Hi, @vidierre. Since you don't have any condition on your "FOR EACH" block, it will continuously loop depending on the number of records. Currently, you have 133 records, in every loop it will affect 133 records and it will also loop 133 times affecting 17k plus records. Based on your current task setup, it is best to remove the "for each" block.



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