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Simple solution when table formula returns 0 instead of a decimal.




So this had me baffled yesterday and it took IT support to help me out. Once they responded and explained the problem I was able to find posts in the Caspio Community with SQL calculations returning 0 instead of decimal value, but up till then I just thought I was writing the maths wrong.

I'm just adding the issue and solution again for formula tables so maybe its easier for the next person to find (or myself when I forget :)

When using all integers, Caspio will return an integer unless a field includes decimal value. In my example, I was trying to calculate the percentage of a plan the user had completed. Completed items had the value of 1 so my formula summed all them and divided by 7. Instead of returning a decimal every value was 0. All I had to do was change 7 to 7.00.  Other options to get a decimal easy could be to multiply a value by 1.00.  I could have also changed my 1s to 1.00 but I didn't realise that maths on integers didn't quite work the same as Excel! 


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Hi @Jodie,

Thank you for that information!

I also have a workflow where I use a formula to pull values from my integer fields to calculate and put them into a number field. What I did was to use the Cast/ Convert SQL functions to automatically convert them to a Float data type that is compatible with the Number DataType of Caspio.


If anyone needs it, here are the two functions you can use:

CAST([@field:] as FLOAT)

CONVERT(FLOAT, [@field:])

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