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Can I assign a unique identifier to an Imported File database?



Basically, I'm trying to import a file of client information. This client information is hundreds of lines of data.  The information will be re-imported monthly with updated data.

I want to users to create a profile (I've got this), login (I've got this), and then only see data from the imported file unique to them.

When importing the data into the table, I can't seem to "add" a new Unique Identifier that could potentially match the user created profiles.


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Hi @DougG,

I'm unsure if you meant you want to assign a unique field to the imported data or the table. But if it's the latter, you can set a field as unique in the table using the table design. Just check the Unique checkbox beside the field name on your table. 

If it'll help, here's an article regarding modifying a Table Design:

Modifying a Table's Design

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Kronos- to clarify my question:

If importing data into my table, how do I assign a unique identifier so that new users can create an account and only see their specific information in the uploaded table?

Example:  I have name, address, last four of SS#, data 1, data 2, data 3, etc.

If a new user creates an account to view their data from the table, how could I have an identifier that would connect the user and their specific data in the table?  I could use the complete SS# as that would be unique.  However, for compliance purposes, not doing it.

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