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Show more than 1000 results on results page



My data page is only showing up to 1000 results per page, despite having set it to display all results in the search results options page. Is this the maximum possible? I'm not too worried about how many it shows in the table, but I'm feeding the results to Google Maps and need all results shown - currently only the results shown on that page are visible on the map. Is there any way round this?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mike,

To answer your question, correct, there is a limit of 1000 records per result page in Caspio and the map mash-up only plots the records listed on the results page.

I think it is not a good idea to plot too many points like a 1000 points on map. I am not sure what the main reason of this is in your application but as a user I think I want to be able to clearly see the plots locations on a map where if there are a thousands of them I need to find the interested area and zoom in to see my desired area. This can be performed simply by using a search function prior to get to the map so I search for what I want to see and then I get to the results and the map.

Even if we say Caspio can display more than a 1000 on results and hence the map, the map APIs both Google and Yahoo have a limit in terms of number of API calls they allow receive per day. I searched Google API calls limit and I can see in their forum it says that there is a 15000 API calls limit per day. I think this should be per IP address but I am not sure. You can search it online and find more info about it but the bottom line is that it is not logical to plot too many points on a map.


Bahar M.

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