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A list of that includes defaults



I have been using a lookup table to drive a dropdown field with the following elements


Field for display: AGENDATEMPLATES.templateName

Field for value: AGENDATEMPLATES.templateText

AGENDATEMPLATES also has a field for teamID

I would like to add records to AGENDATEMPLATES that include an entry for teamID so that teams can customize their own agenda templates. I realize that I would have to change the dropdown to a cascading dropdown and that's OK, but I would still like the options in the dropdown to include the "default" templates that do not contain anything in the teamID field.

I can only find a way to show one or the other type (with a teamID that matches the teamID parameter or just the records that do not have a teamID), but not both. Is this possible?

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The final approach was to house all the agenda templates in one table, including the defaults.

There is a field in the table for teamID and the default agendas do not have a teamID (the teamID field is blank for default templates).

Instead of a dropdown I created a gallery view datapage that filters for a matching teamID OR a blank teamID (default template).

Clicking on a selection in the gallery view results in a detailed view with the templated fields to be used in a document hidden. These fields are set to pass parameters upon exit.

On the destination options screen I am using "Destination after record update: Go to a new page" to send the user to a new url with a new form submission datapage set to receive the passed parameters and fill in the templated fields.

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