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Web Service: System.OutOfMemoryException




I'm trying to fetch a rather large dataset/view out of Caspio with 95000+ rows and up to 16 fields. Unfortunately the Web service returns a System.OutOfMemoryException when the request consists of over 7 fields.

"{Internal error. Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.}"

Any suggestions how to go around this unfortunate situation?

Came to my mind at first, to do a single request to retrieve unique ID's of all the rows, and then perform multiple requests to fetch all needed data based on these ID's. Have not tested it yet, but seems like the only alternative.

What would be the preferred way to fetch large datasets from Caspio's WS in the case of memory running out?

Best regards...


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Hi Henry,

You have posted the Bridge related question in Express DB forum, in the future please post your Caspio Bridge questions under Caspio Bridge forum viewforum.php?f=3

To answer your question, Caspio Bridge APIs are available mainly for purposes of manipulating records through an external system. They do have some limitations on numbers of records that can be extracted in one call. However, they provide the ability to specify on the “where clause” criteria that will allow you to extract large amount of records with looping on the application side. It all depends on the purpose of the program.

For example, if you have a table with one million records and you need to extract all of them, then you can loop through the API call 20 times and extract 50,000 records at a time. You can combine/store them to the appropriate structure on the application side.

Hope this helps.


Bahar M.

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