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Is there a Big Number type of Report?



GOAL:  I'm looking for a way to publish a single (SUM) number in an embed.  

We are running a live event next month (and a couple through the end of the year), I have a parameterized form that collects pledges or committments.  So I have a record that has a `campaign` and `total_amount`. 
On the same page - I would like to publish a large number that reflects the SUM of the `total_amount` with a parameterized filter on the campaign.  I have it working on the tabular reports (and a version of pie charts), but haven't sorted out how to do it as a single large currency value without including the details below?

Any hints or examples out there?

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Hello, have you tried craeting  a Details DataPage then just use one field to be displayed on that DataPage. Then, you can change the form element of that field as a calculated value and paste the formula that you are using  in your tabular Report to display only a single (SUM) value. Just like the example image below:


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@NailDyanC  - Yes... I did look into it, perhaps I should have been more articulate in that I am attempting to use Aggregate Functions.

So if I have www.pledge.org?utm_campaign="help"  to capture the correct campaign into a pledge record.

Then I effectively want www.pledge.org/results?utm_campaign="help" to pull an aggregated sum of all of the pledge values.

SELECT campaign, SUM(amount)
WHERE campaign = 'help'
GROUP BY campaign

It appears that I can only run Aggregate calculations on search and report pages (https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/advanced-reporting/totals-and-aggregations/).  It works as a report but the formatting is nothing like what you have pulled off above (and I haven't found a way to run the SUM/Aggregate in Details Page).


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Hi @tbunch,

You can use SQL Calculations on Details DataPage by adding a Calculated Field or a Virtual Field set to Calculated Value


After setting up the totals, you can edit the look of the details page using CSS code in the Header.  I highly recommend requesting a free app template from Caspio's Marketplace and checking out the setup. For example, the "Online Training Management Software" has a similar workflow to what you have described: https://marketplace.caspio.com/details/training-management/



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