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Referencing Display Only Element with Javascript

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On a details datapage, updateable fields (for example a caspio Text element) are referenced with JS using document.getElementById ("EditRecordfield").value;

What JS should be used if the field in question is a caspio Display Only element ?

What JS should be used if the field in question is a Hidden element ?

Thanks for your help.

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For the hidden form element the JS is the same as for text field:

I.e. your example is OK: document.getElementById ("EditRecordfield").value;

As for Display only form element, it has difficulty, because it doesn't have id.

I see, the HTML code on details page for the Display only is like the following;



Think you need:

1) make sure the label for it is unique through the whole details page

2) Get all the

3) Get the value of tag of this element

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Have developed this function.

The following code is to be paste to details page footer:


function i_TR()


var TRTags = new Array();

TRTags = document.getElementsByTagName('tr');

var tempInnerHTML;

var tempInnerHTML2;

var SPAN_value = "NOT_FOUND";

var StartIndexOfSpan;

var EndIndexOfSpan;

for (i=0; i


tempInnerHTML = TRTags.innerHTML.toString();

if (tempInnerHTML.indexOf('Your_unique_label') != -1)


var TRTags2 = new Array();

TRTags2 = TRTags.getElementsByTagName('tr');

for (j=0; j


tempInnerHTML2 = TRTags2[j].innerHTML.toString();

if (tempInnerHTML2.indexOf('Your_unique_label') != -1)


StartIndexOfSpan = tempInnerHTML2.indexOf('

EndIndexOfSpan = tempInnerHTML2.indexOf('


SPAN_value = tempInnerHTML2.substring(StartIndexOfSpan + 25, EndIndexOfSpan);

return SPAN_value;





return SPAN_value;




Here I use

Then I read the content of tag and return result.

Pay attention. In case you have several labels like 'Your_unique_label3', 'Your_unique_label', 'Your_unique_label2', this will lead to incorrect results. So, your label should be really unique to use this method.

I also see that value can referenced via HTML block parameter. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12518 Not tried this yet.

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