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I've looked online for help on how to create a report that contains both tabular data and a chart of some sort. Don't see anything. I'd like to create a search form that the public can use to look up one or more of the 39 counties in our state and display census population data for that state or states. There'd be a handful of fields and then a line graph or pie chart pulling data from a couple of fields for X and Y or the pie. OR if this is too complex, perhaps there's a way to create a search form for a county and then display a pie or bar chart with some data and a details page for the rest. For example, I'm thinking it'd be great to see the change in population by race (ethnicity), white, hispanic, black, asian, etc as a series of bars. And then the user could click on a field to get the details and just see tabular data.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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