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How to display custom alert message if you have successfully added a record in tabular page using inline-add?



Hi Everyone,

Is there a way we can display an alert message when we add a record? I have a lot of records in my tabular page and I have to scroll down to confirm if the records have been added so I was thinking it would be great if we have some alert message upon clicking the add button.  A green alert box with message success would be great functionality in our website. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you. 

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For that one, you need to use a custom code. A combination of CSS and JS to be exact.

I have achieved this use-case using the following code.

1.) Add a header and footer in your result configuration.
2.) In the header add the following CSS code.

   .success-alert {
       background-color: #4CAF50;
            color: white;
            border: 1px solid #45A049;
            padding: 10px;
            text-align: center;
            font-weight: bold;
            position: fixed;
            top: 0;
            left: 50%;
            transform: translateX(-50%);
            width: 300px; /* Adjust the width as needed */

3.) In the footer add the following JS code.

<script type="text/javascript">
  const addButton = document.querySelector('.cbResultSetAddButton');

    addButton.addEventListener('click', function () {
        // Custom success message
        const successMessage = 'You have successfully added a record.';
        // Create an alert with a custom class
        const successAlert = document.createElement('div');
        successAlert.className = 'success-alert';
        successAlert.textContent = successMessage;

        // Add the alert to the body

        // Close the alert after 3 seconds (3000 milliseconds)
        setTimeout(function () {
        }, 3000);

I have included comments to make it easier for you to modify as needed.

Example Result:


Hope this helps!

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Responsive mode?


Hi everyone. First, thanks to ianGPT for providing the solution. I implemented it and it also works for inline insert. However, it does not work in responsive mode. The reason is that when you are adding a record on very small screen (mobile phone in portrait mode) the actual entering is not happening on the records page, but rather on a page specifically designed for that purpose and not available in the DataPage editor (to my knowledge). Can anyone help me finding a solution to display alert message upon submit in responsive mode.

Many thanks to the "listeners"


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