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Need Week Start (or End) Date on Chart instead of Week Number rollup



I have a Chart (below). Although the user can enter their weight on a daily basis, for this chart I roll it up by week to display. The problem is, that the rollup only gives me a week number option for week. it provides :


I'd like to know what idiot decided that week number was a user friendly roll-up. That was just lazy programming.

That aside, Does anyone know how to get/translate, use another calender option that would provide a rollup by week start (or end)? I can't present the following to my customer base.

Thank you in advance!



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I solved this.

I ended up having to do this the hard way by adding a field to the table called WeekEnd

Next I created 2 Items.

Trigger 1: Insert/Update: In a Trigger, whenever a record is inserted/updated, I calculate the end of the week based on the user-entered date. This is the date I use in my Charts.

Task 1: The same logic used in the trigger, but modified to work (For Each Record, Do...) against whole table. This updated table to bring it into sync.

It's a round about way of getting there, and it's not perfect (who want's to see their MAX weight for the week, when what you really want to see your LAST weight for the week), but you work with what you have. I remind myself constantly... There are no free rides.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.


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