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Online Instant Win contest in Caspio?



From what I can see I can do 80+% of what I am trying to achieve in using Caspio's standard features to run/manage an online instant win contest.

:?: The missing part of the puzzle is after an entry code has been submitted to the DB before an autoresponse email is sent I want the entered code to be referenced/looked up against a list of winning codes (listed in same DB?) and if it finds a match to respond with email A to the entrant (Congrats...) and the notification email to be sent to us (that part is simple enough). If no match is found Email B - ("Please play again...") :?:

The DB can the be used to give full reporting and stats during and after the contest which is great! It can generate the interface/entry window also great!just need this "autolookup" function.

Just need taht missing part of the puzzle - can anyone help??

(PS: I have no programming knowlegse but a couple of colleagues who do)

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There are different ways to do this. One way is to have Caspio development team write a custom program for this part of the application which requires custom email triggers based on the criteria. Another option is passing the entry code to a Details DataPage which receives the entry code in the filtering fields and look it up against the winning codes table (you should have a look up table to store the winning codes). If the record is found it means that the entry number found a match in the winning table and you can auto-submit the details page using a Java Script so the congratulation email is sent to the user. If there is no record found which means no match is found then show a message to user that "Play Again!" by customizing the "no record found" message in the localization http://howto.caspio.com/localizations/.

To auto-submit the form use the following Java Script in an HTML block on your Details page:

function f_submit() {



window.onload = f_submit;

Hope this helps.


Bahar M.

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