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Unequal white space distribution with multi-column layout

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I noticed that multiple sections with different number of columns per section on Details DataPages can lead to unequal white space distribution.

It happens because CSS grid-template columns are not equal:


I am sharing the following JavaScript that addresses this matter:


if(typeof mainDataPageReadyHandler == 'undefined') {

const GetNumberOfGridColumns = (columnTemplateString) => {
return columnTemplateString.split(' ').length

const getSectionWidth = (HTMLSection) => {
return parseFloat(window.getComputedStyle(HTMLSection).getPropertyValue('width').replace('px', ''))

const generateGridTemplateColumnsString = (totalGridColumnsWidth, numberOfGridColumns) => {
let gridTemplateColumnsString = ''
let columnWidth = totalGridColumnsWidth/numberOfGridColumns
for (let i=0; i<numberOfGridColumns; i++ ) {
gridTemplateColumnsString+= `${columnWidth}px `
return gridTemplateColumnsString

const setGridTemplateLayout = (HTMLSection, columnTemplateStr) => {
HTMLSection.style = `grid-template-columns: ${columnTemplateStr};`

const mainDataPageReadyHandler = () => {
let section = document.querySelector('section[id*="cbTable"]')
let gridComputedStyleArr = window.getComputedStyle(section).getPropertyValue('grid-template').split(' / ')
let columnTemplateString = gridComputedStyleArr[1]
setGridTemplateLayout(section, generateGridTemplateColumnsString(getSectionWidth(section), GetNumberOfGridColumns(columnTemplateString)))
window.addEventListener('resize', mainDataPageReadyHandler)
document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', mainDataPageReadyHandler)


Hope it helps somebody. If you notice any corner cases that were not considered, feel free to leave your suggestion

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