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Default to logged in person without using authentication parameter



I have a tabular report datapage called "Dashboard" that is authenticated.  It has multiple dropdown filters one of which is a personID.  The user can select the person from the personID dropdown and the results below are filtered to only show that person's tasks.  I want anyone to be able to change the dropdown filter to any person and be able to see that person's tasks in the results below. Those task records have links that let the user drill-down to targets. 

When the user clicks a link in one of the task records on Dashboard, another tabular report form called "Targets" loads showing the target records for that task. That datapage has a "back" button that returns the user to the Dashboard.  When a user clicks the Back button to go back to the Dashboard, I want the filter values (i.e. PersonID) that were previously selected there to be selected again and the results list to be filtered by those values.

I'm pretty sure I need to pass parameters back and forth between those pages to make it work correctly and I can do that. 

When a user first goes to the Dashboard, I want the PersonID filter to default to the user so I have it set to receive the PersonID from the authentication.  This works fine. 

Here is the problem. When returning to the Dashboard from the Targets screen, the PersonID filter on the Dashboard defaults to the user (probably due to the PersonID filter receiving the authentication parameter) but I want it to default to whatever was selected previously.

Hope this make sense. Any ideas?

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