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Why is my Case with Select Sum Invalid?



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1) First of all, enclose the SELECT statement in parentheses;

2) At the moment you have 2 THEN results one after another:
THEN Select Sum(target.[@field:Awarded_Points]) FROM SRMT_Player_Movement WHERE SRMT_Player_AID = target.[@field:fk_Player_AID]>=100

THEN "100 Club"

The correct syntax is:

    WHEN condition1   THEN result1
    WHEN condition2   THEN result2
    WHEN conditionN   THEN resultN
    ELSE result

3) It is better to use single quotes for the text. For example: '100 Club'.


As far as I understood, the condition is: if the SRMT_Player_AID in the current record is greater or equal to 1 AND the sum of the Awarded_Points for the fk_Player_AID of the current record stored in the SRMT_Player_Movement table is greater or equal to 100 then it is '100 club'.

You may test the following formula:

WHEN [@field:SRMT_Player_AID] >=1
AND (SELECT SUM(Awarded_Points) FROM SRMT_Player_Movement WHERE SRMT_Player_AID = target.[@field:fk_Player_AID]) >=100
THEN '100 Club'

If this doesn`t work, please clarify the condition you need to apply.

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