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How do I organize multiple functions for .onsubmit?

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I can't figure out why these three functions aren't working. They only work one at a time. How do I run multiple functions on a .onsubmit? What's the syntax?

function calculate()


var quantity = parseFloat(document.getElementById("EditRecordDirectory_Quan").value);

var price = parseFloat(10);

var total = parseFloat(quantity * price);

var quantity2 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("EditRecordBrick_Quan").value);

var price2 = parseFloat(50);

var total2 = parseFloat(quantity2 * price2);

if (document.getElementById('EditRecordGuardian_Membership').checked)

{document.getElementById('EditRecordMembership_Fees').value = 15;}


{document.getElementById('EditRecordMembership_Fees').value = 0;}


{document.getElementById("EditRecordDirectory_Fees").value = 0;}


{document.getElementById("EditRecordDirectory_Fees").value = Math.round(total);}


{document.getElementById("EditRecordBrick_Fees").value = 0;}


{document.getElementById("EditRecordDirectory_Fees").value = Math.round(total2);}



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hi VVMustang,

I think the way that you are writing your script is correct.

One thing you have to make sure is: when you use the fields in javascript, make those fields either 'hidden' or 'text field' or any other 'Form element' . But do NOT make it 'Display only'. Because 'Display only' fields cannot be edited.

For debugging your code, you can write alert statement after each if else statement.

For eg.: if(..){...}else{...} alert('after first if '); Similarly, you can write for others.

If you still have problem, paste the script with alert statement and if the alert is produced or not.

Also, install firebug add-on in your Firefox browser. It will show you the javascript error if you have any. :)

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