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Creating a Table in datapage when the submit / Update button is clicked



Good day,

I am very new to web design and C#.

I want to create a parameter with some code to create a table. I assume it will be with C#.

I need the code in a parameter as the database will use execute the code where and when needed to create the table.

I know how to create the parameter, but I am stuck with the C# code. Could anybody assist with the code or direct me where I can see some examples? I would prefer using SQL to create the table, For example|:

SQL = "Create Table Tbl_TempTable (ID INT,  Name (CHAR(50), email CHAR(50))


SQL = "Create Table IF NOT EXISTS Tbl_TempTable (ID INT,  Name (CHAR(50), email CHAR(50))



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If you are planning to create tables using an external application with C# I think that the only way through would be to use the Caspio REST API and the method to create tables which requires just defining a JSON. https://demo.caspio.com/rest/swagger#/Tables/TablesV2_CreateTable

To get the Token, this forum post provides a sample code: https://forums.caspio.com/topic/16374-c-get-token/ but regarding the coding with C# I can recommend you to search for similar questions and examples in StackOverflow. This one might be useful for your case https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9145667/how-to-post-json-to-a-server-using-c

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