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How to display a record only in a certain date period




I am developing a business directory where advertisers are able to offer a coupon (for visitors to print off).

The coupon has a start date and an end date recorded as fields in the database. The coupon itself is held in another field as an image.

I am looking for a way to display the coupon image only if the current date is between the coupon start date and the coupon end date (i.e. it only appears during the period when the coupon is active).

CAn anyone provide any suggestions ?



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Hello Steve,

Please create a Search page and Result page in 2 different webpages ( http://wp.me/P10x67-4G).

On the Submission form create a Virtual Field and call it say [@virtualDate] and pass it to the report page as it mentioned on the above tutorial.

Create a Report DataPage and on the "Search Type" screen select "Filter data based on your pre-defined criteria" radio button, then on the Select Search Fields screen select StartDate and End Date fields, proceed to the next screen, Configure Search Fields, on the Standard Tab: for the Start Date, select "Less than or Equal" for Comparison type and for the EndDate field select "Greater Than or Equal" then on the Advanced tab, select "Receive parameter" radio button and enter the virtual field name, [@virtualDate] that is being passed from the Submission from, for both StartDate and EndDate.

Proceed to the end of the report wizard.

Now,when users select a time period this report displays all records within that time-line.

Did I answer your question? :mrgreen:

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