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Creating a narrative document from data



Hello, I'm interested in finding resources on how to use data in Caspio to generate a narrative report. I would want to do this by creating a template using <markers> (see example below).  I have seen several articles about how to do this using fillable PDF documents, but my request is more robust.   Let's say you want to create a thank you letter to a customer but one that has headers and other information such as (I'm going to start simple):



Dear <Parent_First_Name>, <Parent_Last>,

Thank you for being a valued customer of <business_name> and for bringing <child_firstnam> to <pron_hs> visit on<vis_date>.   Based on the visit, the results are below:

General Health

<child_name>'s weight was <weight> and height was <height>. <child_firstnam>'s weight is in the <percen>percentile, which is deemed in the <range> range.   <child_firstnam>'s height is in the is in the <percen>percentile, which is deemed in the <range> range.  blah blah blah

Parent Concerns

<Parent_First_Name>, <Parent_Last> listed concerns as <parent_concerns>.

Follow up care and suggestions

<child_name> should be monitored by this team every <duration> at this office.  Some suggestions for home care and activities include <sugg_acts>.

Please reach out to our team at <phone> or on the portal if you have any questions. 


<clinician_name>, <clinician_title>

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Hi @StephanieW,

The request sounds doable with all of Caspio's PDF generation methods, be that a fillable PDF where you set the "markers" mapped to each field in a datasource (and a predefined format for the document), or you could even create a Details Page with the Download PDF option enabled and create the format you're looking for using HTML Blocks.




On the other hand, if you format your letter with HTML, you can also enable the Email Notifications in a DataPage or create a Triggered Action/Task with a Send Email block that would send them this information formatted automatically (though not in PDF format) on a predefined schedule or when a Table action happens, for example.




I hope this helps!

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