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Generate coordinates on bulk update of records

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Hello all,

We have a table where some basic information is uploaded into it via an API including the proerty address, we then do a bulk update of the remaining information required for these records via a Tubular Report bulk update feature.

I know that Lat/Long coordinates can be inserted into the table when using a Submission or SIngle Record Update form as described here>> 


I have asked the question in this post but thought it might be useful to start a separate thread in case someone else is also looking for this type of solution, it would be handy if this feature could be inclded in a triggered action but I can't find anyway of currently doing that so this would be the "next best" option if it can be done.

Thanks for looking and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers, Roosta


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The solution mentioned is sending a query to the Google Maps API to retrieve the lat/long coordinates from an address. That is not possible with Triggered actions but it should be possible to create a Zappier/Make scenario to send such request to Google Maps API and update your Caspio table with the coordinates. 

With Make it might be easier as they already have the Google Maps location integrated and you can create a WebHook in Caspio to trigger the scenario when a new record is inserted to the table.

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Thanks for the suggestions, we already considered Zapier as we use it for a lot of other processes but as Caspios Webhooks progresses we are looking to transfer what we can to that and utilise the Webhook/API calls we get free within our package rather than paying for a third party service.

Had a look at Make before but don't particualarly want to start using another third party automation service just for this and we are looking at alternatives to geocoding the addresses before upload to the system which would solve the issue anyway.

Just a pity there isn't a way to intergrate directly in triggered actions, perhaps when the Caspio Webhooks matures it might be something that can be fully processed there but I won't hold my breath! :lol:

Thanks for looking and taking the time to respond cheers, Roosta



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Hello! Caspio releases another new enhancement to the WebHooks feature, refer below: 

Caspio Webhooks allows your applications to communicate with third-party systems in real time when changes to data occur. 
In this release, we introduced the following updates:

  • In non-HIPAA/Compliance accounts, webhooks logs now show the information sent and received.
  • All accounts, including HIPAA/Compliance, now can:
    • Send webhooks based on table events initiated by triggered actions and tasks.
    • Configure webhooks for tables with triggered actions enabled for the same event as the webhook. 
  • A single REST API call can be used to activate or deactivate all events for a selected webhook.

Source: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-47-0/#:~:text=Enhancements to Caspio Webhooks

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