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Training qualifications expiry dates



I am trying to build a training management application that can monitor expiry dates of qualifications. I need to be able to show the awarding body of the course, the course title and the expiry of that course on an employees profile. 

The issue i am having is I am struggling on how to set up the tables to accomplish this. 

As there are many awarding bodies for the courses and many courses under each awarding body, would you create a table of awarding bodies as the fields and then the course names as the value? But then how do i attach an expiry date to each value under the awarding body field.

Or would i need to create a table that has all the courses as fields and then have the value as the expiry date. So for instance create a table called 'qualifications' and call the fields 'Awarding body+course name' then connect that table to the employees table.


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Hi @DavidMcloughlin,

I'm not currently sure if I understood your setup correctly but here is the setup that I can suggest to you:

(The highlighted column is the Unique key for each table)

I think using a View and a correct Join relationship configuration can match up the correct values. This way, by viewing the Employee with Course table, you can pull up the Employee names and their courses including their expiry.

Hope this helps!

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