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nested triggers



Table 1 has a price that is used to compute a total stored in table 3 by multiplying by a number of units in table 2

There is a trigger on table 1 update  that revised a field on table 2 specifically to instigate an update in table 2  (so if the price changes it will recompute the total)

There is a trigger on table 2 update that revises the total on table 3

Formula-   Price(table 1) X units (table 2) = total (table 3)

When a change to the units in table 2 happens, the total in table 3 is recomputed via the trigger on update in table 2.

I want a change in table 1 to also execute the table 3  total - it is a very complicated trigger and I don't want to duplicate it on table 1 since there is no copy function for trigger specifics so i added an update flag on the table 2 that the trigger on table 1 sets true and that triggers the total update trigger on table 2.   All works and records updated properly


Problem is that the table 2 trigger doing the computation does not see the changed data in table 1.

Like the change to table 1 has not committed to the DB yet when the table 2 trigger is executed.

Is there a way to force the table 1 commit to the DB before trigger in table 2 executes? 

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Caspio chat responded with:

Unfortunately, it's not possible to force the table 1 commit before the table 2 execution. What I suggest is using application tasks instead to run the process, however, it's only for a scheduled basis. Refer here:

Any other ideas? my options seem to be to replicate the trigger in table one and use #inserted records or just have the user remember to force an update via table 2.

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