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Customize Gallery Report - hybrid of Table and Gallery



I am working with a fairly large dataset, that includes 166 indicators of community health in the cities and counties of Virginia. In terms of functionality, I need to be able to search by certain cities and counties, and display all indicators listed vertically below for those selected cities and counties. This functionality is satisfied with a gallery report, because a gallery report gives me the indicators and data in a list below each city/county.

However, a table report is stylistically what I need - in that there is a single column with the indicator names, and the data is listed to the right. Yet, I need to be able to list the cities/counties as columns and the data as rows - which is satisfied in a gallery report. Essentially, a gallery report flips my data table so that I may search by city/county and return results vertically below. My problem with a gallery report is that it repeats the indicator names for each city/county returned in the results page, and is aesthetically not efficient in terms of space on my webpage.

Therefore, I would like to request the following customization:

Can someone tell me how to customize a gallery report that (1) lists only a single column of indicator names, and (2) adds borders within the data cells?

I am attaching a sample of my dataset. As you can see, the locality (city/county) must be listed in a column (in this case, Column D). This way, it is searchable and I may customize the number format of the remaining indicators - in the rest of the columns). Essentially, the gallery report is optimal because it allows me to search on Column D (my cities and counties) but then displays the remaining columns/indicators below. Rather than a table report, that fixes the indicators as column headings.

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From your description I understand you'd like to transpose that tabular table or pivot version of Tabular report. The tabular report is listing fields horizontally and data vertically however you want to have the fields vertically and data horizontally. Unfortunately Caspio does not have this format of report. Gallery report is the closest to what you want however it separates each table record (including all fields) in a table cell and the labels are being repeated for each record. The labels can be removed however this eliminates the labels for all not only for certain records.

Maybe you want to also take a look at List report, that maybe closer to what you like.


Bahar M.

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