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How to put values in funnel chart type in custom order?




I have created a funnel chart that shows leads by status. For the category, I was using the Lead_Status field and the Company field for value. I want to sort values by Lead_Status but all I see in Caspio is alphabetical sorting. I need my values to be sorted as follows: New, Qualified, Assigned, In Progress, Ready to Close, Won, Lost, Unqualified. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? I was trying to implement JS solution here but didn't have success with it but I am assuming something might be wrong with my code.

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I figured out a way to work around this and want to share it here in case someone encounters a similar problem. I created a help formula field in the table to count statuses as stages 1, 2, 3, etc. Here is the formula:


WHEN [@field:Lead_Status] = 'New' THEN 'Stage 1 - New'

WHEN [@field:Lead_Status] = 'Assigned' THEN 'Stage 2 - Assigned'

WHEN [@field:Lead_Status] = 'In Progress' THEN 'Stage 3 - In Progress'

WHEN [@field:Lead_Status] = 'Qualified' THEN 'Stage 4 - Qualified'

WHEN [@field:Lead_Status] = 'Ready to Close' THEN 'Stage 5 - Ready to Close'

WHEN [@field:Lead_Status] = 'Won' THEN 'Stage 6 - Won'

WHEN [@field:Lead_Status] = 'Lost' THEN 'Stage 7 - Lost'

WHEN [@field:Lead_Status] = 'Unqualified' THEN 'Stage 8 - Unqualified'

ELSE ' '


I was using that field for creating a chart and selected that I wanted to sort the values based on that field from A to Z. I hope this solution will be useful to whoever runs on this discussion.

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