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Hide section based on field in view



Hi, I have two tables tbl_clients and tbl_outcomes these tables are joined in a view and tbl_outcomes is set to be editable.

There is a yes/no field in tbl_clients called tracking.

I have a DataPage based on this view. I would like to control the visibility of a section on the DataPage dependant on the value in the field tracking. 

I am trying to use rules but I only see the fields in the editable table outcomes available to set rules on. This seems very restrictive. Am I missing something here or is that the way it is and I need to revert script to achieve this?


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Hello @BrianI,

It is expected that only editable fields are available https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/conditional-forms/



So, I would use the following workaround.

1) Add a Virtual field, set it as a Calculated Value, and add the Yes/No field as a parameter


2) In a Rule use this Virtual field. Compare with Y or N. Y is for the checked checkbox, N is for the unchecked one.


3) Hide the Virtual 1 field after testing the DataPage. 


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Hi @CoopperBackpack

Thanks, I did actually try that but I was using the comparison "Yes" not "Y" as that is actually how it renders if you include it on the form. I came up with another work around of putting it in the URL as a parameter but this is a better solution so I'll change  it back.

Seems to be a massive oversight that you need to do this though :(

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