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Calculate Age Based on Birth Date Text Field

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Looked around many Caspio forum posts and just wanted to post the latest for calculating Age from a Birth Date Text Field.

Set up a text field in your table called: Birth_Date. 

In the datapage text field for Birth_Date select Calendar Pop-Up. 

In your details page add underneath the Birth_Date field, a calculated field with the code: FLOOR(DATEDIFF(DAY, [@field:Date_of_Birth1], SysDateTime()) / 365.25).

This updates other Caspio previous posts that didn't properly calculate the age. 

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I usually use this formula to calculate the exact age and it works correctly too.

DATEDIFF(year, [@field:Date_of_Birth], SysDateTime())
  WHEN DATEADD(year, DATEDIFF(year, [@field:Date_of_Birth], SysDateTime()), [@field:Date_of_Birth]) > SysDateTime() 
  THEN 1
  ELSE 0

This formula is also provided in this article https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/advanced-reporting/calculated-fields-and-datediff-function/

Since age calculating requires using functions to get the today`s day and these functions are not supported in the Formula field in the Table, the workaround to store the age in the Table (if needed) is to use a Task:


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