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Enabling Multi-Select w/ Cascading Listbox & Virtual Fields




I am attempting to enable Multi-Select in a Cascading listbox that has virtual fields. It seems that with the built-in functionality, and the following coding in the footer:

var fieldname1 = "cbParamVirtual1";

var fieldname2 = "cbParamVirtual2";

var fieldname3 = "cbParamVirtual3";




one can enable multi-select, but then you lose the cascading listbox functionality.

Has anyone been able to enable both, with or without virtual fields in the submission form?

Thank you for your responses.


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None so far. I am hoping someone with more programming skills may have a solution.

At this point, I have given up on the multi-select (it is not absolutely required for my application, but is a nice-to-have), as having both submission and results dataPages on same webpage is more important to me (hence, the use of parameters, which then limits the multi-select option).


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