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Passing parameters through destination page URL



I have a search and report datapage. The user can edit fields from the details page. When the user updates the record (clicks submit) I would like to reset parameters and at the same time pass the customer ID parameter.

In the Datapage Wizard Destination Options I have destination after record update to go to new page. For the page URL I have inserted:

https://b2.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=......... &cbResetParam=1&cbCustomer_Id=[@field:Customer_Id]

This results in the parameters being reset but does not pass the Customer_ID parameter.

As a side note I am able to reset parameters and pass the Customer ID field if I just have a link in the datapage, e.g., View All Customer Notes

Why doesn't this work when I use it as a destination page URL after record update?

One final side note is that I can achieve my desired result if I do the following:

1. Include the Customer_Id field in the details page

2. insert the following as the destination page URL : https://b2.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=... ... ........... &cbResetParam=1&Customer_Id=[@EditRecordCustomer_Id]

This will reset the parameters and pass the Customer ID field. the problem with this method is that the Customer ID value is displayed on the details page and I don't want this.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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The correct way to send a field value in destination page URL is to pick it from the small picker button next to the URL box in the wizard screen. You will notice the picker list only shows the fields that are included in the details page. Having said this, you need to have the customer id in the details and you can simply hide it by choosing the form element as "hidden". Does that help?


Bahar M.

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Thanks, but the problem is that the Datapage data source is a view. The view joins a customer notes table with a customer registration table. The customer notes table is the editable table. The customer ID is on the customer registration table. Therefore when I include the customer ID in my details page, my only choice is "Display Only", "hidden" is not a choice.

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