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document.getElementById does not work help sought

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Trying to analyse values of 5 radio button(Virtual Fields) and update the value into a table.Strangely document.getElementById dosent work.

I tried document.getElementById with a single Virtual text field(document.getElementById("InsertRecordVirtual1").value). It din't work.

Tried accessing an existing Form element MentorName(document.getElementById("InsertRecordMentor Name").value). Even this didn't work.

Although the alert "comming" works all the time.

I should be doing some thing very silly for something so common to stop working.

Please help. I am BTW placing the code in footer


function trial()

alert(document.getElementById("InsertRecordMentor Name").value);


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Thanks all.

Looks like I figured it out.

Virtual parameters are refered to using IDs starting with cbParam

getElementByID(cbParamVirtual1) worked. Great!

Found out a way to understand what names , Ids capio gives to form elements.

Before starting the code and after inserting the form elements, am deploying the page and seeing the souce code of the HTML deployed page. That way I get to know all these minor IDs and Names in advance. Now am getting hang of caspio Yupeee.

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