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Compare Filtering Fields against fields in another Table



I would like to compare values from a different table against the filtering fields in a Search and Report DataPage. For example I would have three tables populated like so:


email | password

email@buyer.com | *****

email1@buyer.com | *****


email | password | sellProductOne | sellProductTwo

email@seller.com | ***** | Product X | Product Y

email1@seller.com | ***** | Product Z


email | wantProduct

email@buyer.com | Product X

email1@buyer.com | Product Z

After the tables are set up, I create a Search and Report for the seller to view the table table_List. I want the seller to be able to only view listings in table_List by what they have predefined in the columns sellProductOne and sellProductTwo.

So if email@seller.com did a search, one record would show up saying email@buyer.com wants Product X, but would never see email1@buyer.com wanting Product Z. If email1@seller.com was logged in and did a search, they would see the listing from email1@buyer.com, but not the listing from email@buyer.com.

Is this possible using the Configure Filtering Fields in the Search and Report Wizard? Or is it possible at all using the basic Caspio package? I can create something similar to what I want using Root Level Security, but it would only allow for one field to be compared and not multiple.

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I tried creating a view earlier, but I went back to it based on your post. I still get the same results whenever I implement a view. It either shows everything and including the two Buyer tables from the table_Buyer (nothing shows up, but it shows two blank rows) or nothing shows up at all. I don't think a view would work since it's joining two tables, but that's just based on what I've seen and read from the Caspio How-To documents. I don't even know where to set up the filtering for the wantProduct and sellProduct. I created the relationships, but past that there is nowhere else to filter against.

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I played around with Views today and can do what I want to do if there is only one inner join between wantProduct from the Buyer and sellProductOne from the Seller. As soon as I add another inner join between the same wantProduct to SellProductTwo, it doesn't read any records available. I have a feeling it's performing an AND in the View, but I don't know where that would be or how to get around it.

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