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Structured Printing using HTML DataPage or Block

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Use: School environment> need to print multiple full page grade cards, Lunch money reminders, Multiple full page class schedules, etc.

I have been trying to figure out how to have structured print output within an HTML dataPage or block without having to go the complicated .PDF route. For example lets say I have a multi-page report with grouping which Caspio does a wonderful job on screen, but I want to be able to hit a print link and it prints a proper multi-page report with a header and footer on each page with the grouped data content in the middle of each page.

Does anyone have any code samples that could head me in the right direction.

(Another more complicated option, if someone knew a way to programatically extract the data from a results page (Within an html block) and send an .XML or .CSV file to a web server where an automated .XML to .XSLT to FO where .pdf rendering could take palce and automatically stream back to the user for printing).

Sure would be very grateful for the ideas or help. :?

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