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Avoid Double Authentication Steps



I have a website where uses must log in to access their pages that contain Caspio DataPages. I need to use authentication for the DataPages but don't want them to have to log in a second time. Is there a way to build their Caspio log in credentials into the html page and pass them to Caspio for auto authentication?

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Thank you... but I don't believe that helps me. My site has users, and they have credentials to access their pages, I believe those techniques would only work AFTER they have used their primary UN & PW.

My Datapages are embeded in password protected pages. Which works as needed, except the embeded caspio code can be accessed and opened outside the the protected page.

I'm unclear as to how caspio can protect the page that it is embedded in from being accessed. I don't want the password protected page visible and working with no data displaying until they login... again.

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