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Creating a Website Widget



I'm trying to create a website widget which my customers can deploy on their website. The widget will display the price and date it (the price) was updated and will have a link to my website to place an order.

Since the "Search and Report" datapage code has to be deployed directly on the customer's website, the datapage can't accept "customer_id" as a query parameter. Instead the datapage needs to have "customer_id" hard-coded in it - which means that I will need 1 datapage per customer.

This problem would be easily solved if there's a way to pass in a query parameter directly to the deployment code - does anybody know how to do this?

Is there a better way of doing this - completely different approach from what I am taking?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Thanks for your response ellishgibbons.

I guess you are right, in a strictly purist sense a widget is a client side application which collects and displays data from different sources. Along those lines, I can't call what I'm trying to create a "widget".

All I want to do is simply display customer specific data (price & date) on their webpage. Typically this could be accomplished with a "Search and Report" datapage if I could pass in the "customer_id" as a query parameter and the datapage was setup to accept that input. But since the datapage deployment code will simply be pasted on the customer website, I cant use the query parameter - instead it has to be hard-coded. Therein lies the problem..

Can someone please provide guidance.

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