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Using HTML block to customize data format

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Hi there -

Because of client requirements, we need to have a very long form, which when viewed, shows a very long table. Unfortunately, the client does not want to scroll left to right for this very long table. He wants each of the fields broken out into tabular format.

I have found that by using an HTML block and parameters, I can get it to work somewhat...

Item A ValueA1 ValueA2 ValueA3

Item B ValueB1 ValueB2 ValueB3

That is working as expected. But what I need to do in the HTML block is use some javascript to prevent it including a line for those field sets that are not filled in. Right now, it just shows a blank line

I want something like

if ItemA !== 'Select' {document.write (ValueA1 ValueA2 ValueA3);}

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get it to work.

Any thoughts? Greatly appreciated!

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