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Referencing An Image

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Referencing an Image Stored in Caspio Bridge


I have been trying to reference an image stored in caspio.  I have followed the how to article without success.  


I don't understand the part about "Files section are not accessible unless they are already being displayed through Caspio Bridge somewhere in a DataPage"


I am not using a details page and I've tried adding it to my results page but I just get an image placeholder.


Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me?

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The image saved in the files Section is not possible accessed by public because Caspio account is secure. The public can only view the deployed DataPages. To get the URL of an image stored in Caspio, you have to create a DataPage which contains the file field in either results page or details page, and deploy the DataPage. It is not necessary to display the image in the Details page. 

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