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Issue Importing Google Docs (Drive) Sheets



Hello there, found out about Caspio Bridge by searching about databases that can use excel and google drive sheets, I have a TI tech store and service company that runs all the archives of services done on sheets over the google drive, but it is not optimal, not even close, we must backup from time to time, it is not the safest way to store data etc.


From this tutorial, http://blog.caspio.com/tech_tips/how-to-create-a-database-from-excel-import-spreadsheet/, I figured that Caspio Bridge could help me build a site to manage better my data also giving the oportunity to have a search engine running on my site to have my clients look for their own info.


The thing is, on that video, when he imports the sheet in xlsx, it shows up all the colums and all the data just right, when I import my sheets, it only showed some structure info and none of the sheets and tables.


After like 30 minutes, I went back I tried to import the exact same file (xlsx that is actualy the table from google docs that I downloaded localy to then import on Caspio), and it worked fine, all data is there and organized... Why it worked now?


Another question, is there a way to directly import the sheet from a google drive link?



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Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to send in your question. It's something that Caspio might have to verify with you over the phone. Unfortunately we don't have any visibility on your initial spreadsheet (formatting, etc). Could it be that your original spreadsheet was in some way formatted differently? Honestly I wish I could assist you on this in more depth, but I can't unless we chatted over the phone. What account type do you have with Caspio? If you're on the trial period, could you contact your solution consultant to go over this with you? Our Solution Consultants are fairly technical and they should be able to address this right away. 


Best way is to dial into our sales line: 877.820.9100 


As far as Google Drive importing, yes, that is planned for our next release. Good luck and reply to my post if you need anything else. 

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