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Multiple Records One Report

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I am working on a Report DataPage that's purpose is to build an email. Each email will be based on a Lead (frmEditEmail's data source is tblLead).  Many leads have multiple people, cars, addresses, etc. 



Example that is working:

People in LEAD_1 -> David

txtField_fNames: Hi David,....


Example I'm stuck on:

People in LEAD_2  -> Alli and Ben

txtField_fNames: Hi Alli and Ben,....

(Three or more people will use some js logic to add commas and move and to the end)


I cannot figure out how to get more than one name into txtField_fNames.

Any Ideas?



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Got It!

I use HTML Blocks, assign them id's, and use the following js.

	function bodyReplace()	{
		var fn = document.getElementById("person");
		var fns = fn.getElementsByClassName("fn");
		var fnArray = [];
		for (var i = 0; i < fns.length; i += 1) {
		var firstName = document.getElementById("firstName").innerHTML;
		var str = document.getElementById("emlMessage").innerHTML;
                var str = str.replace("[[FirstName]]", fnArray);

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