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Signin Page Returns 404 When Embedded In Wordpress



Hello forum,


We are trying to embed Caspio datapages into WordPress.  Our development stage website is



We have followed the instructions on how to deploy Caspio datapages in WordPress by following the instructions here:



We first installed the Caspio Deploy2 plugin.


Then we deployed data pages using the URL method, by enclosing the datapage's URL in [caspio] shortcodes.  For example:



This works ok for every datapage, EXCEPT the log in datapage "CB_Log in".  When trying to access this page, we get a 404 error.


So far, we are just in the testing stage. Our URL to access the log in page is



When clicking on this link, with Firebug open, I can see that my browser makes a HTTP GET request:

GET signin.php?cbr=c0993000891667211d7e44eea3c3

to remote IP


But this returns 404 Not Found.


We are really at a loss as to why we get a 404 File Not Found error.


Thank you very much for any assistance.





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Do you have any redirection occuring on login?  Check your Advanced options for any Authentication and verify that the pages for Logout Destination, Time Out & Redirection, and Login Redirection on success are valid pages. If using relative path, try a full URL.  Also, if you are doing anytype of redirection on login using App Parameters, check that the URL for these are valid as well.

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