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Data Page Setup And Want The Value Entered To Go To Field In Different Table



Sorry if I am in the wrong place, I am a Complete Newbie


I have a data page setup and it functions well.


I want the value from one of the fields on the datapage to go to a specific field in a separate table.


Having read the help files I still do not understand.


Any suggestions where I can find a complete step by step process to do this. Maybe written and video. 

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Hello Brandlike,


You can accomplish this using two web forms, the first web form is the input form containing all data but only the main data is inserted to the main table; the other data which needs to be inserted to the second table (virtual fields) are passed to second form and auto submit the form to insert the data to the second table.


You can find more details about auto submit a DataPage in the article: http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/4314-js-auto-submit-a-datapage/



Hope it helps

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Hi @Brandlike,


What you are trying to do is achievable using Triggered Actions. Triggered Actions allow data manipulation, calculations and sending notifications by constructing application logic with a visual interface. They will be executed on specified events to perform actions on data in your tables. Changes in one table can affect data in other tables.

You may refer to this article for further information about Triggered Actions:

We have also recently released a recorded webinar session about Triggered Actions:





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