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How To Update Some Fields In 2Nd Table Without Overwriting All Existing Fileds



I have 2 tables: transaction table and profile table.


The transaction table records user name info, test scores, and specific user choices from a lesson.

I send the data to Caspio using URL parameters and it works flawlessly. My transaction table has 50 fields (not all fields contain new data with each update). My profile table has 20 fields that are a subset of the transaction table fields. If I update my transaction table via a form and then load a second form and pass the parameters from the first.... the target fields are ALL overwritten (even when the source field is blank)...


Target form is a single record update form, looks for unique id and receives all external parameters...


How would this be avoided? Thank you...



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Hello DCT247,


If I understood your post, the following might help.


Did you ever try using parameter strings ?


I know you can basically achieve the same with the internal field parameter passing but utilizing parameter passing via a string placed after the URL allows more flexibility in redirecting to different urls if the script is placed in an HTML datapage.




I just had a similar situation and this worked for me. Create a datapage form with auto submit in the footer. Have only the specific fields you want updated receive the matching field parameters passed.


Hope this helps.

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