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Change A Value In A Text Field Based On A Passed Parameter

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Hey everyone! I have what should be a very simple thing, but has been giving me problems for some reason.

I have a set of values that is going to be passed from one data page to another. When they're passed, I wanted a JavaScript that would check to see if any of the parameters are blank (the user put nothing in the box in the previous sheet) and then put a 0 in the associated box.

Here's what I have as an html block above all of the text fields (I was going to make an array and a loop for all of the text fields later)

If ([@parameter_name] === "") {
Document.getElementById("insertRecordtextfield_name").value = "0";

It doesn't respond by putting a zero in the box though, and I can't figure out why! Thanks in advance!!

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On the second datapage, have the field you are checking receive a value of 0 on load. This will force the field to be formatted as a number rather than NULL. Otherwise it won't have the parameter "value" in the html.


edit: I misread your question. Is the second page a form or a report?

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