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Concatenation Does Not Work In Update Forms

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Hi Guys,

I have successfully employed the following script in a Submission Form to concatenate several virtual fields into one actual field upon mouse over.


document.getElementById('Submit').onmouseover = function(){

var date =


if(date == "")

date = "1/1/2011";

var hour = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual2').value;

if(hour =="")


var minute = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual3').value;

if(minute == "")

minute = "00";

var second = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual4').value;

if(second == "")

second = "00";

var ampm = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual5').value;

document.getElementById('InsertRecordActual_DateTime').value = date + " " + hour + ":" + minute + ":" + second + " " + ampm;



However, this does not work in an Update Form. I've tried changing the getElementById ('Submit').onmousover to getElementById ('Update').onmouseover thinking that this would work as the button on an update form is the UPDATE button instead of the SUBMIT button. This was to no avail.

Any ideas??

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Yes I tried EditRecord however it doesn't work. Because if you realize the function is triggered by mouse over of the SUBMIT button as seen from getElementById ('Submit') and there are no fields to edit as all Input fields are virtual in the first place.

EditRecord can work using .onLoad = concatenate but all fields must be actual fields not virtual.

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Hello cogclou3,


I would recommend to change document.getElementById('Submit').onmouseover to document.getElementById('Mod0EditRecord').onmouseover and

document.getElementById('InsertRecordActual_DateTime') to document.getElementById('EditRecordActual_DateTime')


Hope it helps.

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