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Extract Month And Year

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I would like to store the Month and Year with a submission datapage. I used this logic..but it does not seem to work


function calculate(){
var v_currentDate=new Date();
document.getElementById("InsertRecordMonth").value = v.currentDate.getMonth();
document.getElementById("InsertRecordYear").value = v.currentDate.getFullYear();
 /* On submitting the webform, the function calculate is executed */
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instead of new Date, I think you want to point to your date input field.


Then you want to insert that into your other fields, but formatted differently.


But I would suggest just using one date field, and then using that one field multiple times in the report, once formatted for just year, once formatted for just month.


You might not need any js, and just 1 field.

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Hi - I would like to add on this post. In case, you would like to get the month using DATEPART() and add leading zero, you may use these formulas:

RIGHT('0' + CAST(DATEPART(month, [@field:DATE]) AS VARCHAR(10)), 2)




January = 1 to 01
February = 2 to 02

Since the DATEPART() function returns an integer, leading zero's will always disappear and need to be manually added like so.


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