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Javascript If Else Question

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I have a search page that passes parameters to a results page. I have the search values coming from  a lookup table or a custom “Allâ€, with no value  if a selection is not made from the lookup.


My results page uses the parameters to get the information from a data table. Each cell in the fields of the data table may contain multiple data entries, such as multiple states (AL, GA, FL, etc.) When I select a value from the lookup table it is passed to the results page as a parameter. If a field cell contains the value from the parameter I only want to display the parameter value and not all of the contents of the cell, so I use html to display the value of the parameter. This works fine but--


If there is no value in the parameter I want to show the entire contents of the cell.


Can someone give me the javascript code necessary to do the following:


If parameter “[@Virtual1]†is blank show field contents “[@Field:fieldname]â€


Else show parameter “[@Virtual1]â€


I have little knowledge of javascript so I would appreciate a detailed response if you can help me.


Thanks in advance

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