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Is It Possible To Aggregate The Count Of Records Per Categories?



Hi everyone!


I have a table that contains about two thousands records (and I hope it will contain more in future).

In this table, I have a "Category" field.


Is it possible to aggregate the count of records of every category (now I have nine categories, but it will be more in future)?


I have tried to use Groups, but I can display only 999 records per page, so I need to goes from page to page to see all categories.


Any ideas are very much appreciated!


Thank you for your time!

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Hello Cameron !


I have resolved the similar issue. To display the Report more accurately , i have selected  â€œCombined Chart and Report†DataPage and selected Pie as a Chart Type. 

On the " Configure Result Page Field" enable collapsing data grouping by your field . 


Now the Pie Chart counts amount of records for each category and the report shows all records in group collapsed by category.


I hope it helps you.

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Hi Ed,


Really? :)

I try to create a catalog of my library, with genres, places where I can find a book, etc. It's a rather boring work to fill it, so sometimes I select incorrect genre or place. These mistakes make the whole catalog incorrect, but it's too boring to recheck every record. Now I check every twenty last records that I've added to be sure that all books are entered correctly.


Can I ask, what type of database are you building?

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