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Is It Possible To Display An Animation While The Data Is Submitted?



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Hi Cameron,


You can paste the respective snippet inside the HTML Header and HTML Footer section.



<h1 id="loadingTitle" style="display: none">Loading...</h1>


var v_appkey = 'appkey_number',
v_appkeyInputs = document.getElementsByName('AppKey'),
v_appKeyInput = null;

for(var v_i = 0; v_i < v_appkeyInputs.length; v_i++){
if(v_appkeyInputs[v_i].value == v_appkey){
v_appKeyInput = v_appkeyInputs[v_i];

var v_formNode = null,
v_tempNode = v_appKeyInput.parentNode;
v_formNode = v_tempNode;
v_tempNode = v_tempNode.parentNode;
}while(v_formNode && v_formNode.nodeName.toLowerCase() != 'form');

v_formNode.onsubmit = function(){
var v_title = document.getElementById('loadingTitle');
v_title.style.display = '';

Hope it helps.

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Good morning,


I think, the following script can do the same.

The code for Header:

<h1 id="loadingTitle" style="display: none">Loading...</h1>
<div id="mainText"  style="">

The code for Footer:

document.getElementById('caspioform').onsubmit = function()
   document.getElementById('loadingTitle').style.display = '';
   document.getElementById('mainText').style.display = 'none';

I'm sorry, I don't understand for what the 'appkey_number' is used in the first script?

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