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How To Change A Label Via Javascript

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I am using a javascript code to change the values of some text fields everytime the user choose a value on a dropdown list at a submission form. This is the code:


function atualizacampos()
var text1 = document.getElementById('InsertRecordEntidades_Canais_Info_1');
var text2 = document.getElementById('InsertRecordEntidades_Canais_Info_2');
var text3 = document.getElementById('InsertRecordEntidades_Canais_Info_3');
var text4 = document.getElementById('InsertRecordEntidades_Canais_Info_4');
var dropC = document.getElementById('InsertRecordEntidades_Canais_ID_Canal_Doacao'); 
var Cselecionado = dropC.options[dropC.selectedIndex].text;

switch(Cselecionado) {

case 'Depósito Bancário':
case 'Nota Fiscal':
text1.value='Número da Nota';
case 'Paypal':
text1.value='Código Paypal';




This is already working, but right now i am trying to change also the labels of those text fields.

I already tried some sibblings options, but it did not work. Can you guys please tell me the correct code to achieve that? So everytime a user change the dropdown value, the text1.value will be changed and also the label associated with this field will be changed for a new value.


Can someone please help?

My best regards,


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Good morning Sidhartha,


How are you?


I think, you can use the following code to change the text of a label on a Submission Form:

document.getElementById("InsertRecordFEILDNAME").parentNode.previousSibling.firstChild.innerHTML="NEW LABEL";

Please, enter the name of your field instead of FIELDNAME and your text instead of "new label".


I'll be grateful, if you tell me if the code works.


Have a nice day!

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Hi @ShidarthaRosa,

Just an update: Based on your workflow, you can use Virtual field as a label and set it as Calculated Value. Calculated Value form element generates dynamic calculations that automatically update as users interact with your form. Similar to Formula Fields and Calculated Fields, you can construct the calculation using functions, logic, constants, values from other fields and SQL expressions. For more information about Calculated Values, check this article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/calculated-values/

What is Virtual Field?


Hope it helps!

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