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Win Xp And Ie8 Js Notification Script

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With the Caspio Version 8.8 update, HTTPS datapages are no longer displaying for Win XP users on IE8. Is it possible to write a script that will display a custom message on a non-HTTPS datapage (which are still compatible). I need the script to read the User Client for "Windows NT 5.1" or "Windows 5.2" and where Browser Type contains "IE 7.0" or "IE 8.0" If yes then I would like to write a custom message in HTML advising user their computer is not compatible - if no then I would like to redirect the page to another datapage (login page). Otherwise they will receive blank screen when on XP and IE 8. I am currently using app parameters [@cbUserAgentString] and [@cbUserAgent] to display user info for them to self-diagnose.

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Good morning Carl,

How are you?

I think, you can add the following script to an HTML block:

var myMessage = "Please go to the link to see the content of the page: ";
var myLink = "http://caspio.com";
myMessage = myMessage + '<a href="' + myLink + '">' + myLink + '</a>';

if ((navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE 7") != -1) | (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE 8") != -1))
if ((navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Windows NT 5.1") != -1) | (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Windows NT 5.2") != -1))

Please, enter your message and your link.

I'll be grateful, if you tell me if the code works.

Have a nice day!

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