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Hello all!


I have a brain twister here   :huh:  :D.... there's gotta be a way. CCarls3 got very close with Email Trigger of Multiple Records, but rather than simply sending email notifications, how can we automatically create multiple records based on the results of a query (or displayed on a DataPage)?


I hope to automate the scheduling of Tasks.


Please consider the following scenario:



 - ScheduledTaskID

 - Scheduled Activity

 - Due Date


Workflow (Parent table that describes an automated workflow)

 - WorkflowID

 - WorkflowName


WorkflowStep (Child)

 - WorkflowStepID

 - WorkflowID

 - Scheduled Activity

 - Days from Today (easily converts into DueDate)


 [Workflow -< WorkflowStep / One - to < Many]


Worklows are groups of WorkflowSteps

WorkflowSteps create ScheduledTasks


Any puzzle solvers have a good idea how to accomplish this? (without sending emails to Zapier's parser)



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DId you think about:


prefiltered report datapage

table=workflow step

field=scheduled (type=checkbox) (the aforementioned filter is this checkbox is blank)

field=days from today (pass param to external...

submit=check the scheduled box(js like email ccarls) and submit behavior=go to...



an autosubmit page (to table Scheduled Tasks)

receives the param, use a js to add to system timestamp to fill out due date 

submits, submit behavior go to page1


run daily? i'm looking into hacking together enough python to authenticate to the api and run a datapage with chron, maybe on a digital ocean server?

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